Sardar Krushi Package

“SARDAR KRUSHI PACKAGE” – an Innovative approach by Gujarat Green Revolution Company Limited (GGRC) in association with Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd. (GSFC) to deliver scientific agriculture input services at farmer’s doorstep to achieve maximum agricultural production.

Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd. (GSFC) is one of the largest joint sector fertilizers and petrochemicals complexes in India. Being conscious of the fact that its objective is not only manufacturing and selling of the fertilizers but also to offer newer agro technology input and agro services for improving agricultural productivity and overall economic prosperity of people in rural areas. 

With the objective of achieving Second Green Revolution, the GSFC promoted Gujarat Green Revolution Company Limited (GGRC) to facilitate farmers to adopt Micro Irrigation System technology to save water, fertilizer and energy resulting in higher crop productivity. In order to provide farmers hi-tech agro inputs, GSFC has formed subsidiary company Gujarat Agro Tech Limited for production of Bio Fertilizers, tissue culture plant material and to provide good quality seeds to the farmer at their doorstep.

Of recently to promote the production of high value crops round the year and the clean energy, the GGRC in association with GSFC started integrating Protected Cultivation Structure Scheme and Solar Irrigation Pump Scheme with their successful Micro Irrigation Scheme specially with Drip Irrigation System so that income opportunities may increase in the rural areas.


To make available all above said Schemes and services under one roof and to understand their intricacy, the GGRC and the GSFC decided to launch a new service under the name of Sardar Krushi Package. Wherein the specialist from both the organization with mobile exhibition van will go to the villages and the farmer will get an opportunity to interact with them and get empowered to take the best offer offered by GGRC/GSFC. 

The objectives of offering this package are:

  1. To inculcate the habit among the farmers to save natural resources namely water, energy and fertilizers.
  2. To mitigate the effect of climatic change by promoting the adoption of solar energy in place of conventional source of energy.
  3. To produce the healthy agriculture produce by adopting and practicing organic farming to increase the human health index.
  4. To ensure the round the year income with higher quality of produce by adopting Protected Cultivation Structures by the farmers.
  5. To ensure the food security with sustainable agriculture.

The Sardar Krushi Package includes:

  1. Micro Irrigation System - water, energy, labour, fertilizer saving technology coupled with the increase in the yield.
  2. Protected Cultivation - for higher crop productivity and round the year crop cultivation.
  3. Solar Irrigation Pump.
  4. Water Soluble Fertilizers – for application through Drip Irrigation System to enhance fertilizer use efficiency.
  5. Bio-fertilizers, Bio manure and other bio-tech agro inputs – to facilitate organic farming.
  6. Improved Seeds.
  7. Sardar Amin
  8. Micro mix

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