We Stand By

  1. Renowned MIS Suppliers are already registered & working under the MI Scheme of the State.

  2. New India Assurance Co. Ltd (NIAC) is undertaking insurance of the system and the farmers at the nominal rate of insurance premium.

  3. Third Party Inspection Agencies are engaged to undertake inspection of each site before the payment released to the MIS Suppliers on behalf of the farmers.

  4. M/s Gujarat Industrial Research & Development Agency (GIRDA) and M/s Central Institute of Plastic Engineering & Technology (CIPET) are designated as  technical agencies to ensure BI standards and quality of the MIS components and certify the production capability of each MIS supplier once in 6 months.

  5. NGOs are appointed to carry out District – wise survey for assessing the impact of MIS on socio – economic aspect of the farmers.

  6. Agricultural Finance Corporation (AFC) is conducting survey every year to access impact of MIS on farm economics.

  7. In order to meet increasing requirement of manpower to look after the maintenance of the system GGRC, envisages training program for Tribal Farmers and Village Level Workers.
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