Types of MIS

Drip Irrigation System

In drip irrigation, water is applied frequently at low rates from a low pressure delivery system comprising of small diameter Plastic pipes fitted with outlets, called emitter or drippers, directly to the land surface close to the plant.
 Suitable for: Drip irrigation is suitable for almost all orchard crops, plantation crops and most of the row crops. Orchard and Plantation crops like coconut, tea, coffee, cardamom, citrus, grapes, banana, papaya, mango, guava, pineapple and pomegranate; row crops like sugarcane, cotton, groundnut, sapota, strawberry and vegetable crops including tomato, potato and other widely spaced vegetable crops and flower plants. 


Sprinkler Irrigation System

 Sprinkler irrigation system is composed of a network of pipes and sprinklers. The pipes convey water and supply it to all the operating sprinkles at the appropriate pressure. At the nozzles of the sprinkler the pressure head is converted to velocity head. Water flows out of the nozzle in the form of a jet which breaks down in to drops of water fall on the land surface and the foliage of growing plants like rain drops.
Suitable For: Sprinkler irrigation is suitable to almost all soil types, topographic situation and all types of crops, especially close growing crops, except rice and jute.


Porous Irrigation System

 It is line source emitting system wherein the water oozes out throughout the length of the pipe. Basically it is made from rubber and polyethylene and with the principle of “ suction irrigation”. It is essentially a sub surface one creates a moisture band. It is design to operate at low flow and low pressure (0.5 to 1.0 Kg/cm2).
 Suitable For: Fodder crops, Sugarcane


Rain - Gun Irrigation System

 This system consist of single gun type machine which is capable of throwing water in 180 degree with force and can cover 60 to 40 Mtr diameter area at a time and whose working is similar to sprinkler.
 Suitable For: Horticultural Crops


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