PCS - Frequently Ask Questions


 FAQs for the pilot project on protected cultivation


 Q.1 What are various types of PCS Structure?
 A.1 Types of MIS are
 (1) Naturally Ventilated Poly House
 (2) Dome type Poly Shade Net House
 (3) Dome type Shade Net House
 (4) Flat type Shade Net Hosue
 Q.2 How do I select type of protected cultivation structure?
 A.2 The Selection of the type of structures mainly depends upon choice of crop to be grown     inside the structure, agro climatic zone where structure is to be erected etc.
 Q.3 For how much area am I entitled to get subsidy under the  scheme?
A.3 Any farmer irrespective of any type of structure can go for area ranges from 250 sq. meter maximum upto 2000 sq. meter.
 Q.4 What are inclusive in pilot project project shceme of protected cultivation implemented by GGRC?
 A.4 (1) Structure of GI Pipe & Poly Film / Shade Net + Drip Irrigation + Foggers
 (2) Incorporation of insurance of life of beneficiary & structure (STF perils)
 (3) Agronomical advisory Services for 1 year
 (4) Maintenance for 3 years
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